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Being ardent fans of Heywood Grilled Cheese, we are restoring this website to its old state as a memory for the amazing times we have spent at this restaurant with family and friends. Before you get excited to visit Heywood, we must tell you that this domain is no longer owned by Heywood Grilled Cheese Restaurant. However you all are invited to walk down the memory lane of Heywood Grilled Cheese at Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

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Avocado Caprese – $9

California mozzarella with sliced avocado, fresh sliced tomato, roasted red peppers and basil served over romaine lettuce with a light touch of vinaigrette.

Bowl of Soup – $3.75


Cake Monkey – $4

Handmade S’mores – $3


Gluten-free Bread – $1.50

Substitute Vegan Cheese & Butter – $2

Protein (Maple Bacon, Short Rib, Prosciutto) – $2

Cheese Bread – $1.50

Guacamole – $1


Carefully Curated Combinations

~All sandwiches come with a creamy tomato soup dipper and spring mix salad.

The Heywood – $12

Our 2-year aged English cheddar with a caramelized onion confit spread onto fresh whole grain bread.

Bon Appetite Brie – $12

A triple creme French brie melted into a walnut fig bread with an organic fig jam. Great for sharing!

Bill Clinton’s Epiphany (vegan) – $14

Vegan cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers and avocado melted into a multi grain bread that would have been the sandwich that helped our 42nd president be okay with becoming a vegan, had we been open then and through serendipity, he was passing by our shop.

Caprese – $12

California mozzarella cheese, melted into olive rosemary bread with fresh basil, roma tomatoes and a light walnut pesto spread.

The Holy Grail – $14

Smoked gouda with slow braised short rib and kimchee on our freshly baked brioche bread.

Game Changer – $12

A unique English double-gloucester grilled into a sourdough bread. A light spread of organic, homemade habanero jam give this purple and gold sandwich a gentle kick.

The Peking Pig - $13

French comte with crispy prosciutto and maple bacon between two slices of brioche.

Vintage - $9

Cheddar, butter, sourdough bread. Just like being at home, but without the chores.

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Order 8 or more sandwiches from to qualify for a group discount, or call us to cater your next event!

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