Avocado Caprese – $9
California mozzarella with sliced avocado, fresh sliced tomato, roasted red peppers and basil served over romaine lettuce with a light touch of vinaigrette.

Bowl of Soup – $3.75



Cake Monkey – $4
Handmade S’mores – $3



Gluten-free Bread – $1.50
Substitute Vegan Cheese & Butter – $2
Protein (Maple Bacon, Short Rib, Prosciutto) – $2
Cheese Bread – $1.50
Guacamole – $1


Carefully Curated Combinations

~All sandwiches come with a creamy tomato soup dipper and spring mix salad.

The Heywood – $12
Our 2-year aged English cheddar with a caramelized onion confit spread onto fresh whole grain bread.

Bon Appetite Brie – $12
A triple creme French brie melted into a walnut fig bread with an organic fig jam. Great for sharing!

Bill Clinton’s Epiphany (vegan) – $14
Vegan cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers and avocado melted into a multi grain bread that would have been the sandwich that helped our 42nd president be okay with becoming a vegan, had we been open then and through serendipity, he was passing by our shop.

Caprese – $12
California mozzarella cheese, melted into olive rosemary bread with fresh basil, roma tomatoes and a light walnut pesto spread.

The Holy Grail – $14
Smoked gouda with slow braised short rib and kimchee on our freshly baked brioche bread.

Game Changer – $12
A unique English double-gloucester grilled into a sourdough bread. A light spread of organic, homemade habanero jam give this purple and gold sandwich a gentle kick.

The Peking Pig – $13
French comte with crispy prosciutto and maple bacon between two slices of brioche.

Vintage – $9
Cheddar, butter, sourdough bread. Just like being at home, but without the chores.

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