Our Cheeses

We pride ourselves on only curating the most exotic cheeses from around the world. Read about our selections, then come in for a taste!


Appenzeller has been made in Switzerland the same way for 700 years. White wine, cider, herbs and spices are added in the brining process, though there is no way to tell because the exact flavors are trade secrets passed down from family to family. Its flavor: sharper than gruyere with a more nutty flavor.


During the aging process, chives and onions are infused into the cheese, creating a natural and unique taste. Cotswold is a  double gloucester cheese, which is simply their unique process of making the cheese from skimmed milk. The name Cotswold comes from a region in England where they have been making this cheese for at least 600 years.

English Cheddar

Our English Cheddar is aged for 2 years, which gives it a crunchy, salt-crystal texure. However, those are not salt crystals. They are called tyrosine (tear-o-sine) clusters, which are formed in aged cheese. The name “cheddar” originated in the Somerset area of England, and has been made for approximately 900 years. The natural color of cheddar is white. The yellow color comes from Annoto, which is a vegetable coloring.

Fromage D’Affinois

Fromage D’Affinois: double-cream cheese made from cow’s milk. This very creamy cheese can be used as an alternative to butter. Try it on bagels, toast, and of course, our grilled cheese sandwiches. This cheese is made differently than traditional brie because the makers extract water from the milk to keep more natural nutrients and proteins.