Celebrate Grilled Cheese Month with a Few Additions at Heywood!

Heywood Interior

Thanks to everyone who came out to our recent Grand (Re) Opening to celebrate the exciting relaunch of Heywood! If you’ve come by, you already know about our two new additions to the menu: our Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich, featuring cheddar grilled on the outside of the bread, creamy fontina melted on the inside, and an artisan bruschetta spread. We also want to thank our friend Joy the Baker for curating our limited-time special, a delicious Pickles and Brie gourmet creation!

If you’re attending the Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational on April 20th, please make sure to come by and say hello as we will be serving all day!

Finally, we would really like to thank Jessica and Jonathan at disregarden for being the creative force behind our new look. Disregarden is a husband & wife design team specializing in the gathering & restoration of unique, storied objects. We are so thankful for their support!