Thank You!


Well, we’re coming up on one month since officially opening.  It has been…well…a whirlwind.  We have made lots of new friends, have had lots of fun, are starting to see familiar faces, and most importantly have learned a lot.

What we’re really saying is THANKS.  Thank you for coming in, enjoying the food, making suggestions, and telling your friends.  We hope to see you a million more times!



Based on feedback from all of you we have made the following changes:

  • Extended hours (late on weekends)
  • Added another grill (Since everything is made to order we are working to reduce wait times)
  • Have designated a new area for prepping and cooking all Vegan orders
  • You wanted cheese??  We increased the amount of cheese in every sandwich!
  • Expanded our menu to include more options!

On the horizon:

  • Kids Menu (1/2 sandwich + fruit)
  • Delivery
  • Catering
  • Web ordering + pickup

Again, thanks
– The Heywood Crew